7 Favorite Spots to Listen to Jazz in San Francisco


When you think of San Francisco, you probably don’t think of jazz, but there are actually quite a few spots to while away an evening while sipping on a chilled martini and taking in the sounds of hypnotic melodies and harmonies. These seven just so happen to be our favorites.

SF Jazz Center


What better place to see jazz than in the first stand-alone structure in the country built specifically for the genre? The auditorium holds 700 people and was built to showcase the acoustic quality of a concert hall, but provide the laid back intimacy of a jazz club. There are over 300 performances a year, and members get a first chance to buy tickets as well as access to members-only events and listening parties. If you love jazz, then there’s a good chance this place is already a second home to you. If you’re on the fence, it’s the perfect place to explore and learn more.